Harlan Coben - "Mistyfikacja"

Jak już wspomniałyśmy parę postów wcześniej, zdecydowałyśmy się urozmaicić nasz blog. Dziś chciałabym rozpocząć nową serię z recenzjami książek. A na pierwszy ogień idzie książką mojego ulubionego autora - "Mistyfikacja" Harlan'a Coben'a.
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"Laura Ayars i David Baskin wydają się być stworzeni dla siebie. Była modelka, obecnie właścicielka domu mody Svengali , i gracz Boston Celtics, gwiazda ligi NBA. Piękni, młodzi, bogaci i zakochani. Tragiczny wypadek przerywa ich miesiąc miodowy w Australii. Okoliczności śmierci są niejasne, ale wszystko wskazuje na to, iż David utonął podczas kąpieli w oceanie. Zrozpaczona dziewczyna nie potrafi pogodzić się z zagadkowym zaginięciem ukochanego. Nieświadoma grożącego jej niebezpieczeństwa, poddaje w wątpliwość oficjalną wersję zdarzeń. Czy rzeczywiście chodzi o wypadek, czy o samobójstwo, czy nawet o morderstwo? A może David żyje, a jego śmierć upozorowano? …

Iceland on a budget

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Iceland is a country where number of tourists beats the number of locals (even sheep is more than Icelanders). Whereas accommodation market is dominated by Airbnb. Iceland is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. However it is not the cheapest, but no worries! We have prepared for you few tips, which will help to save some money without passing on the great attractions.

Cheapest airlines: easyJet, WizzAir, WOW
Cheapest months: March-May

Besides the airlines I mentioned above, it's worth checking out Icelandic and Scandinavian companies (Icelandair and SAS), which sometimes can offer good deals.

Airport transposrt
Bus/coach - Flubys, Grayline

If you are staying in Reykjavik and you are not renting a car, the best way to get to town is coach. Most companies offer drop off and pick from the hotel you are staying in, which is a good option for someone who lives far from town centre. Otherwise, it's better to pick cheaper option and choose one of the main bus stops.

When we were looking for accommodation in Reykjavik for the first time, I got a bit worried, because the prices didn't look great. As I mentioned before, there's plenty of places advertised on Airbnb website, unfortunately the prices are not amazing. The cheapest options are hostels or guesthouses, which are not located in town centre. Reykjavik might seem like a big town, but there are many places you can reach on foot.

To save some money is always better to cook your own meals. However you have to be careful where you shop. The cheapest Icelandic supermarkets are Bónus and Krónan.

Unfortunately this is also one of the dearest things in Iceland. At the beginning of 20th century, all alcoholic drinks were prohibited, however that changed after few years and gradually people started selling alcohol in Iceland. Therefore if you would like to try some local drinks or just spend a nice evening somewhere I recommend app called AppyHour, which shows where, when and how much for you can get fairly cheap drinks. Happy hour in Iceland is very popular and many pubs and cafes do it. By using this app we have found few hidden interesting places which we probably wouldn't have found it otherwise :D

I think I can say with no doubt that the most popular attraction on Iceland is Blue Lagoon. And I'm not surprised, because after spending a bit of time on Iceland, especially in winter, at some point the only thing that everyone is dreaming of is hot bath. Of course this was on our list too, but the price put has us off. Fortunately we found a Secret Lagoon, which is popular among tourist but not as much as Blue Lagoon and it's cheaper. You won't get a free drink or a face mask (both are included in a basic package at Blue Lagoon), but you will pay half the price and will have access to a natural lagoon.