French onion soup

Today I have something different for you, it's a new feature of our blog: a recipe!

This is a really simple recipe for a great tasting soup. I’ve made French onion soup before using English recipes and they always seem to complicate things. After doing some research on French websites I was able to see how it should be made. This isn’t meant to be a complicated dish, its meant to be soup that tastes great, can be made by anyone and is inexpensive. My recipe for soup can be enjoyed as a lunch, light dinner or starter. Let us know what you think!
Difficulty: 1/5 Taste for the amount of effort: 5/5 Prep time: 5 to 10 minutes Cooking time: 40 mins Serves two
Ingredients Oil 6 medium onions 3 cloves of garlic ½ litre of beef stock Mixed herbs Salt and pepper Bread (baguette ideally) Cheese (Gruyere ideally)

Pots and pans Oven grill Deep saucepan Wooden spoon Chopping knife Two soup bowls
Method 1) Heat some oil in the pan 2) Chop the onions to your preferred texture (I diced mine 1cm wid…

Park Branickich w Białymstoku

Park Branickich jest barokowym parkiem pałacowym w Białymstoku. Lato to najlepszy czas, aby odwiedzić park i zobaczyć piękny ogród, który można tam znaleźć. Zdjęcia zamieszczone poniżej są z okresu jesiennego.

Branicki Park is a baroque palace park in Bialystok. Summer is the best time to visit the park and see the beautiful garden which could be found in there. Photos shown below are from the period of the autumn .